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2021 School Enrichment Programs

Enrich your child’s school day with performing arts classes right at your child’s school. All classes held after school. Yoga, Hip Hop, Ballet, Theater, Film making!


Short Film Club

Want to act on the big screen? Be a director? or a screen writer? This class is a great way to see what it’s all about. We’ll learn on screen acting tips. Practice, rehearse and film shorts. As well, as write our own group short to share with families. Class will also utilize green screen technology for some shots.

Ballet Club

Learn poise, grace, and artistry in ballet! This is a beginner class suited for anyone with 0-3 years ballet training. We will learn the basic positions, center work, and our favorite – choreography! Class will also explore lyrical and modern techniques to popular music. Please wear comfortable clothing for ease of movement to school on ballet day. Students should also have a pair of ballet shoes. Ballet shoes can be purchased on Amazon, Target, or a local dance supply store.

Hip Hop Club

This upbeat class will get your child moving to the latest moves. Class is designed for beginners. Paramount to class is respect for one another and each students’ expression. Students will develop musicality, creativity, coordination through Hip Hop, break dancing and dance games.

Yoga Club

Students will learn basic yoga poses while maintaining a playful, fun class experience through games, props and music. Classes focus on building self-confidence, strength and concentration. Children are encouraged to express themselves while learning the basic yoga principles of respect to self and others.

Stem Classes
Classes session begins on September 7th

Wilder Elementary Classes

Wilder Classes
Classes start the week of September 1st

Moody Elementary Classes

FALL 2021 Class Schedule – COMING SOON

Sandburg Elementary Classes

FALL 2021 Class Schedule – COMING SOON